Thursday, May 13, 2010

I need to start doing this shit!

Great day everyone!

Man, the final exam is coming in 1 month, and its a signal from heaven to me...
(Wait, let me hear the whispering.. sststt ststst sttt)
Okay, that mean, I HAVE TO START DOING THIS SHIT! (Shit = study; assignment; and all of its friends). Strafing for the future, please study calvin before you regret it in the future.

I just read the news that there is a Plane Crash happened in the Libya, and all of the passengers is died but 1 boy. Shit man, i wish i did not read this news but alas my eyes see everything that reflected by the light from my computer to my eyes (Okay Calvin, please stop talking with non-human language), the reason is because i love traveling but i hate to fly! in my personal defense that human evolved to this form (read: 2 feet instead of wings) because we are not made to fly!. I really really hate to fly, i rather see a ghost or eat a baby (i mean baby chicken) instead to fly!
but still there is 2 sides in every coin, there is always a good news and the bad news! the bad news is i always feel unwell during the flight, and the good news are i always feel better subsequently after the flight! wohooo

okay, ttyl blogger.
13 May 2010/9:15 p.m (sg)

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